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Who is eligible for a fee waiver on Immigration Applications?

For certain immigration applications the Home Office requires the payment of a fee. Although not all applications require a fee, you can request the fee to be waived if you comply with certain circumstances and requirements, and your kind of application is eligible for a fee waiver.

What kind of immigration applications are eligible for a fee waiver?

The types of immigration applications eligible for a fee waiver are made under the basis of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This include applications as a parent under the ten-year route, as a partner under the 10-year route, and applications based on private life under the 10-year route.

Unfortunately, applications under the 5-year route are not eligible for a fee waiver. This is because this kind of application requires individuals to meet specific financial requirements which would mean the applicant would not meet the free waiver criteria.

If your immigration application is eligible for a fee waiver, the Home Office would waive the fee where failure to do so would render the applicant incapable of exercising their rights under the European Convention of Human Rights. Therefore, the applicants need to demonstrate that:

  • They are destitute

  • They would be rendered destitute if they pay the fee; or